Recommended apps # 1: Al Mus’haf (free)

09 Nov

Tarek Mansour © 2011 iPhoneIslam

Click on picture above to download!

Al Mus’haf is the first on a mobile device that gives you a very realistic hands-on experience of flipping a paper-book by simply dragging the pages corner. With natural paper behavior, and natural page reflections, shadows and realistic paper sound effects this app will makes you feel like reading from a real physical mus’haf.

Slide (pinch) on screen with two fingers to reveal the control list.

To Main Screen

Go to front/back cover page

Write down note on the current page

Bookmark current page

Zoom Page

Save current page (as picture) in photo album

Fast scroll to desired page (by Soorah)

Tap and hold for 2 seconds to reveal magnifying lens.

The magnifying lens only works in portrait mode to see the small details (of the ayah/verse) without zooming in the whole page.

1- Tap anywhere on the screen twice to zoom.

2- Page view is twice larger.

3- Tilt your device horizontally for larger view, and easy browsing & reading.

In landscape mode you can go to the next or previous page effortlessly.

1- Tap at beginning of page to go back the previous.

2- Tap at bottom of page to go to the next.

Enjoy! 🙂

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