Email: Dzul-Hijjah

04 Nov

I received an email pertaining to the holy month, Dzul-Hijjah. Enjoy!



It is encouraged to do good deeds (i.e.hajj, umrah, charity, fasting, zikr, reading quran, enjoining good and forbidding bad) on the first ten days of Dzul-Hijjah.

The Prophet, peace & blessings of Allah upon him, said:

“There are no days better in which to perform righteous deeds than these days (the first 10 days of Dzul-Hijjah).”

The companions said: O Prophet of Allah, not even Jihad (struggle) in the cause of Allah ?

The prophet said: “not even Jihad in the cause of Allah except for one who sacrificed his life & wealth.”


The prophet also said:

 “There are no days greater or more loved by Allah in which to perform good deeds other than these 10 days, therefore praise & glorify Allah abundantly in these days.”


The Prophet also said:

 “The best of days is that of Arafah.”

 (Ibn Hibban)

It is encouraged to fast on the first 9 days of Dzul-hijjah, especially the day of Arafah – 9th day (for those who are not performing Hajj). It is forbidden to fast on the 10th day (Day of Eid).

As Prophet Muhammad said:

“Fasting the day of Arafat is an expiation for sins of the previous year and an expiation for all of the sins of the coming year.”


Hope you would spread this message.

May Allah Forgive our sins.

Allah Knows best.

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